5 Facial Hair Waxing Tips That Won’t Irritate Your Skin

Young woman removing facial hair with wax on blurred background

If you have never waxed before it can definitely be intimidating, waxing yourself can be more than a little scary for some. But, the results are truly fantastic and way better than shaving. What’s even greater is that we believe that you don’t even have to go to an expensive salon to get it done.

Here we hope to make the process of at-home waxing process smoother, pardon the pun, and encourage you that you absolutely can do your own facial hair waxing right at home.

Common Misconceptions About Waxing

  • You Can’t Wax At Home
    • There are many amazing waxing products meant for home use. While it is sometimes necessary to use a professional depending on your personal situation, many find the whole experience better and less embarrassing in the comfort of their own home. As long as you read the instructions, have some proper technique, and use the proper aftercare protocol you can have salon quality results every time with your at-home waxing.
  • It’s Going To Be Super Painful
    • While waxing can be uncomfortable, since you are removing the hair at the root, it’s far from unbearable. The benefit of having less re-growth and a longer lasting smooth appearance between treatments outweighs the slight discomfort of waxing.
  • Only Women Do It
    • Plenty of men wax. There are lots of men who prefer the smooth and hairless look. Some careers even require it, such as modeling or professional body building

Five Facial Hair Waxing Tips to Avoid Irritation At Home

Before you break out the wax and start spreading away there are a few things to consider:

  • Exfoliate Your Skin
    • You should be already be exfoliating on a regular basis since it’s great for your skin but, it’s extra important before you start waxing. Exfoliating removes excess dirt, oil, and dead skin that you can’t see with the naked eye. If you fail to remove it the wax can have a hard time sticking to the hair and you won’t get as great of a result.
    • The night before you intend to wax do a very thorough face cleaning. Start with a gentle cleanser, do a face mask to remove any deep impurities, and exfoliate afterward. This will leave your skin primed for waxing the next day.
  • Avoid Waxing if You Take Certain Medications or Use Certain Topical Creams
    • Creams that contain Retin-A and Differin can thin the skin and make it prone to tearing. Also, if you are on antibiotics your skin may become hyper-sensitive which means waxing will be super painful. Read up on any medications you are taking to see how they affect the skin before trying to do a facial hair waxing.
  • Be Careful with Temperature
    • Wax burns can happen even at reputable salons and spas but it’s even more common when waxing at home. Make sure to do a patch test on a small area of skin first. Better yet, if doing a facial hair waxing at home get a quality wax strip product that doesn’t require heating. If you must use a hot wax make sure you get one meant for home use and heating in the microwave.
    • Be aware that certain medical conditions like auto-immune disorders or certain types of chronic acne can make your skin super sensitive and more prone to burning. If you have special considerations like these, it is best to have a professional do your waxing rather than doing it at home.
  • Avoid Shaving
    • Never shave your face! Not only will this result in thicker and darker hair it lends itself to ingrown hairs and infection. Waxing is much better for your skin and removes the entire hair.

Proper Application is The Key

When waxing at home you must be confident and follow some simple guidelines for success.

In addition to the exfoliating process 24 hours before you wax you will also want to prep your skin properly right before application. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands and face with a gentle soap and dry completely before you start.

Apply the wax option you have chosen (hot or strip) onto the area you wish to wax in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure to not go “against the grain”.

Firmly press the strip down to make sure you have very good contact with all the hair. Then, pull your skin tight with one hand and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth firmly and quickly. Do your best to pull across the skin and not away from it to have the best results.

Once the facial hair waxing is done make sure to add a soothing post wax oil to the waxed areas to minimize redness.

No matter what product you decide on make sure to read all included instructions and follow them to the letter. Not following the directions could result in some major boo-boos.

At the end of the day, no one wants unsightly facial hair. With these tips, you should be able to get rid of unwanted hair in a very effective way through waxing. We want everyone to have the look they desire without irritation or negative reactions.

Do you have questions or are unsure what type of product would be best for you? Contact us here and we will be happy to help you pick the right one.

For tips on skin care after you are done waxing check out our blog here on “The Best After Wax Care for Smooth Healthy Skin”

Have you tried facial hair waxing at home? Have any questions or suggestions for others? Please comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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