How to Slow Hair Growth Naturally

slow hair growth

Whether you’re a man who is tired of shaving every day, or a woman who has unwanted hair growth, there are many things you can do to slow down hair growth naturally.

Unwanted hair growth on undesirable areas is caused by an overabundant supply of androgen, a male hormone. As women age sometimes their hormonal disturbances cause the production of androgen to boost.

If you want to save more time between waxing, you can naturally slow this production down with a few simple steps.

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What’s the Best Way to Exfoliate Before Waxing?


Ever tried to wax your legs without exfoliating first?

Big mistake.

Exfoliation removes dead skin and debris, making it easier for the wax to stick to your hair, rather than your skin. This means your wax will hurt less and work more effectively – it’s a win-win! If you’re not sure how to exfoliate properly, don’t worry.

We’re sharing our top tips on how to exfoliate before waxing, plus some awesome homemade exfoliating scrub recipes.

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How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs from Waxing

It only takes two words to evoke a cringe. Ingrown. Hairs.

Ingrown hairs from waxing are ugly, red, and they hurt! They can hurt anywhere on a scale from one to ten and sometimes step into dangerous territory when they create bacterial infections.

There are a few quick tricks you can add to your regular waxing routine which will prevent these nasty little fellas from crashing our pampering parties.

The most important step only takes 30 seconds.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Waxing Your Armpits

Why shave your armpits every day when you can have hair-free underarms for weeks at a time without any upkeep? This is the kind of outcome you can achieve by waxing at home.

But to get the best results, make sure to take care when waxing your armpits. Thankfully, there are some very simple do’s and don’ts which you can follow to make sure that you have a clean, comfortable, and effective at-home waxing experience.

Read on to learn more about waxing, what to do, and what not to do to achieve the perfect wax every time.

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8 Tips for Staying Acne Free After a Wax

If you’ve ever waxed an area of your body before, you know that pain is beauty.

Just because waxing can be slightly painful, though, doesn’t mean that you have to put up with the pimples and skin infections that sometimes rear their ugly heads.

So how can you stay acne free after your next wax? While there is no way to guarantee you won’t get a pimple or two, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk. Continue reading to discover eight handy tips you can use to stave off that acne. More

Irritated Skin: After Wax Care for Unexpected Rashes

Waxing is one of the most effective hair removal techniques out there. But, it can also be painful, especially if you have easily irritated skin.

Post-wax rashes and redness are sometimes unavoidable. Luckily, they’re usually easy to treat. If you want smooth skin but don’t want to deal with the painful rashes, bumps, or redness that can sometimes result from waxing, keep these after wax care tips in mind.  More

A Complete Guide to Bikini Waxing at Home

hard wax

Do you dread heading to the salon every 4 to 6 weeks for a bikini waxing?

There’s no doubt about it, bikini waxes are expensive and time-consuming. Yet, a lot of people who like to keep their bikini zone hair-free view salon trips as necessary. After all, what other option is there?

Well, there actually is an alternative to those expensive trips to the salon. More and more women are opting for bikini waxing at home.  More

How to Alleviate Pain from Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Whether you regularly get Brazilian bikini waxing or you’re a complete waxing virgin, there’s no doubt that it’s painful. After all, you’re having your hair ripped straight from a rather sensitive area.

While there’s no way to make waxing completely pain-free, there are a few great ways to make it less painful. Read on to learn how you can make your Brazilian Bikini waxing less painful.  More

5 Facial Hair Waxing Tips That Won’t Irritate Your Skin

Young woman removing facial hair with wax on blurred background

If you have never waxed before it can definitely be intimidating, waxing yourself can be more than a little scary for some. But, the results are truly fantastic and way better than shaving. What’s even greater is that we believe that you don’t even have to go to an expensive salon to get it done.

Here we hope to make the process of at-home waxing process smoother, pardon the pun, and encourage you that you absolutely can do your own facial hair waxing right at home. More