Hair Removal Prep: What to do Before Waxing to Make it Last Longer

Waxing often gets a bad reputation.

The myths about waxing being terribly painful, that it can cause wrinkles, or that you need to shave in between sessions make many people think twice.

But waxing is a great way to get smooth, beautiful skin without the need for painful daily treatments like shaving or harsh chemical applications.

One fact that isn’t a myth is that waxing is a bit painful, and requires a small amount of work. To help make the pain and the process easier, it’s a good idea to do some pretreating to make your waxing last longer.

If you’re wondering what to do before waxing in order to make it last longer, keep reading. You’ll learn about XX simple tricks that will help you prolong the period in between waxing sessions, saving you some pain, money, and time. More

The Best After Wax Care for Smooth Healthy Skin

Whether you’ve never waxed at home before, or you’re a pro, proper after wax care is just as important as the preparations you make before you wax.

Making sure your skin is cared for afterward can enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing. It helps you prevent infection, protect your skin, and feel good about the process.

The main things to keep in mind for after-care are exfoliation, moisturizing, practicing good habits, and waxing at the right time each month.

This list of best practices for at-home after wax care will help you treat yourself right. More

5 Myths About Waxing You’ll Be Glad to Let Go

leg waxing

There are many myths floating around about body hair removal in general.

Did you know that shaving doesn’t make hair grow back darker and thicker?

But perhaps the most myths of all have to do with waxing.

From the best ways to wax to its effects on your skin, there are so many misconceptions floating around that it is hard to know what’s true.

In this article, we’ll clear up some of the worst offenders so you can wax with confidence. More

DIY Eyebrow Waxing for a Natural, Even Look

eyebrow waxing

Feathery brows are back in a big way. So you might think eyebrow waxing is unhelpful for the trend.

But there are feathery brows – and then there’s the Noel Gallagher look.

Brows provide a perfect frame to the face whether you’re a guy or a girl. So you’re definitely right to investigate eyebrow waxing.

And 99% of women and 60% of men remove body hair on a regular basis. So you’re not alone.

Read on to discover the secrets of eyebrow waxing! More

Natural Hair Removal: 7 Reasons to Wax (and Not Shave)

natural hair removal

Are you tired of suffering from rashes and irritated skin after shaving? Do you hate having to shave so often to keep those legs nice and smooth?

Thankfully, there is a natural alternative to hair removal that will save you time and provide you with smoother skin. Try natural wax!

Shaving is an undesirable method of removing unwanted hair from the body for several reasons. From the inconvenience of having to shave so frequently to the annoyance of brutal razor cuts, shaving can be a literal pain to keep up with.

Many people enjoy waxing as a natural hair removal alternative.

Read on to learn why it will benefit you to wax rather than shave: More

Hair Removal Tips for Sensitive Skin

sensitive skin

There’s nothing worse than a fantasy of smooth skin that ends with a nightmare mess of bumps, lumps, redness, peeling, and irritation. Many of us struggle with sensitive skin, due to genetics, exposure to environmental pollutants, lifestyle, and a host of issues. BodyHonee developed its products with sensitive skin in mind, so if you think waxing isn’t for you, think again. Follow these simple tips to keep your sensitive skin safe when you wax. More

In a Hurry? How to Speed Up Your Hair Removal Routine

hair removal wax strips

Let’s face it: while most of us love the results of a good wax job, few people look forward to their daily, weekly, or monthly beauty rituals. If you’d rather be doing just about anything other than removing unwanted hair, you’re in good company. At BodyHonee, we think hair removal should be a small part of a full, busy, fulfilling life—not something that wastes endless hours of your precious time. To get rid of unsightly hair in a matter of seconds, follow these can’t-miss tips.


Hard Wax for Hair Removal: Dos and Don’ts

hard wax hair removal

Afraid to try hard wax? You’re not alone. Endless years of beauty gimmicks have left many of us worried about trying new products—especially those that promise to remove unwanted hair. But hard wax is the Cadillac of the hair removal world, boasting super-fast removal, incredible results, and minimal skin irritation. Before you break out the hard wax, make sure you’re using BodyHonee’s all-natural products. Then follow these dos and don’ts for hard wax.