How to Reduce the Pain of Waxing

A wax can take you from floundering to fabulous, but the truth is that no one really enjoys getting a wax. Even with our high-quality all natural BodyHonee, you’ll still feel some pinching and tugging. Depending on your pain tolerance, this can be a major deterrent to getting the smooth, lush skin a good wax offers. But you don’t have to give up on waxing entirely. Try these simple tricks to reduce the pain you experience when you wax. More

Spring Grooming Tips for Men

Whether you live in the sunny south where shorts and air conditioning are already part of the daily fare, or are stuck bundled up and waiting for warmer weather somewhere up north, it’s time to start thinking about your spring grooming routine. The coats and long sleeves of winter mean you can get away with a variety of appearance faux pas, but warmer weather means showing more skin. You don’t have to spend a fortune getting rid of every last trace of body hair, but every woman appreciates a man who pays some attention to his grooming. More

Male Waxing 101: Tips and Tricks

Male hair removal is a perennial favorite of late-night comics and fraternity boy hijinx. Almost everyone has watched a man scream in pain while getting his chest waxed on a comedy show. But beauty standards for men are steadily changing, and many women now expect their mates to spend just as much energy maintaining their bodies as women do. Waxing doesn’t have to be a traumatic, painful experience, and with the right product, you may even find that waxing is a much better experience than shaving.  More

How Shaving Affects Your Skin

How Shaving Affects Your Skin

For both girls and boys, shaving marks a rite of passage into the elusive and alluring world of adulthood. But adulthood isn’t always everything it’s cracked up to be, and shaving is no exception. While shaving is the preferred hair removal method of most people and is certainly an easy fix for getting rid of unwanted hair, it can quickly wreak havoc on your skin.


A Comparison of Temporary Hair Removal Options

No matter how much body hair you have, removing it is likely not on your list of best ways to spend your evening. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the veritable cornucopia of hair removal options on the market, and false promises by these products’ manufacturers can give way to nasty bumps, skin irritation, and loads of stubble. So what’s the real deal on hair removal? At long last, here’s an honest, hype-free comparison of the available options. More

Common Causes of Excess Body Hair

It can start with a single stray hair that you studiously ignore, hoping the problem is all in your head. And then one hair becomes two; two become ten, and maybe ten become a hundred. There’s a lot of shame associated with excess body hair, particularly among women, so you might feel shy talking to your friends or doctor about it. But this strategy leaves you totally in the dark, wondering if you’re normal, and wondering if there’s anything you can do about your excess body hair. Understanding the cause is the first step in the journey toward feeling better about your body and banishing excess hair for good. More

The Expense of Waxing: Home VS Salon

Waxing has become a popular form of hair removal for many reasons. Waxing lasts much longer than depilatories and shaving and can also be much less expensive—it is certainly less expensive than laser hair removal, which can cost several thousand dollars. If waxing is your preferred method of hair removal, you may be wondering what the most economical way to do it is. Should you purchase inexpensive wax in the store or online, or should you go to a salon and pay for professional services? More

A Brief History of Body Hair

People have been removing body hair for thousands of years. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Renaissance, the quest for smooth, hairless skin has a long and fascinating history. Hair removal methods have advanced from using seashells to high-tech lasers and have transitioned from do-it-yourself hassle to salon-style pampering. More