Why You’re Still Getting Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown Hair

They appear at night, like little monsters. Or maybe they spring up during the day, itching under your clothes and interfering with your work. Ingrown hairs. They’re the bane of every hair remover’s existence, and if you struggle with them, you’ve probably tried a million products to alleviate the misery. Ingrown hairs are caused by a pretty simple phenomenon: the top layer of your skin simply grows over the hair, leading to a hyper-localized infection that looks a lot like a pimple. If you’re still getting ingrown hairs, BodyHonee could be your new best friend. But no matter what hair removal product you use, we’ll help you slay the beast of red, irritated skin with these can’t-miss tips. More

Below-the-Belt Landscape: Changing Trends

Bikini Waxing Shapes

Whether you’re waxing for the first time or are an old pro, the truth is that body hair removal isn’t nearly as personal as you might think it is! While smooth legs and underarms have been a recurring standard for women for about a century now, the neatly groomed bikini area that is now in vogue is a relatively new trend – one that has changed quite a bit since it first exploded onto the scene. No matter what choice you make – and even if you like to mix it up with several different options – BodyHonee makes below-the-belt hair removal safe and easy. More

Hairy or Hairless Men: Which Do Women Prefer?

hairless men

The debate over hair removal in men will likely rage on well into the next century. Of course, one thing is for certain: women are as diverse as the men they love, and if you really want to please the woman in your life, the best thing you can do is ask her. At BodyHonee, though, we’re partial to a man with a smooth face and caressable chest. You don’t have to give up all your body hair to capitalize on the new male hair removal trend. A little grooming here and there, though, can go a long way toward landing you the gal of your dreams—and helping you keep her if you’ve already gotten her. More

Tips for Removing Women’s Facial Hair

face waxing tips

Sooner or later, it happens to every woman. Maybe you brush your chin during a long drive, only to feel a hair that’s clearly been growing for weeks. Or perhaps you find yourself zealously plucking every stray hair every night. Some women become so fixated on their facial hair that they develop nervous tics, constantly stroking their faces and feeling for any hair they might have missed. Others endeavor to remove every last stray by training a massive magnifying mirror and a bright light on problem areas. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. BodyHonee makes it easy for safely removing women’s facial hair. No obsessing necessary. More

What’s In Your Wax?

whats in your wax

All body waxes are the same as long as they pull out the hair, right? Think again. You might not be leaving your wax on for hours, but its ingredients still matter. The wrong wax can leave you with a mess of irritated skin and ingrown hairs, and a quick comparison of the ingredients in some popular waxes makes it clear that BodyHonee is the safer, healthier choice – for you and the planet you love. More

How to Get the Perfect Brazilian Wax

There’s no beauty treatment more riddled with conflicted emotions than the Brazilian wax. Most women (and men) relish the idea of a cleaned-up bikini area and baby-soft skin. But there’s no denying that this is a sensitive area, and many men and women who would otherwise like a Brazilian wax are terrified of the pain. Doing it yourself gives you the chance to control your environment, and ensures you can stop if you find it too tough. Try our Spa wax to get the most out of your Brazilian. Designed to pull out even the toughest hair, we think you’ll be surprised by how much it reduces the pain of a Brazilian. More

Can Waxing Slow Down the Growth of Body Hair?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a miracle cure that completely prevented hair growth – without demanding you pay thousands of dollars? Sadly, there’s no such treatment yet, but waxing can help you see some improvement in the rate of your hair’s growth. It’s cheaper than laser treatments and easier on your skin than shaving. And if you stick with it, you just might notice that you have to do fewer and shorter waxing treatments each session. More

How to Reduce the Pain of Waxing

A wax can take you from floundering to fabulous, but the truth is that no one really enjoys getting a wax. Even with our high-quality all natural BodyHonee, you’ll still feel some pinching and tugging. Depending on your pain tolerance, this can be a major deterrent to getting the smooth, lush skin a good wax offers. But you don’t have to give up on waxing entirely. Try these simple tricks to reduce the pain you experience when you wax. More

Spring Grooming Tips for Men

Whether you live in the sunny south where shorts and air conditioning are already part of the daily fare, or are stuck bundled up and waiting for warmer weather somewhere up north, it’s time to start thinking about your spring grooming routine. The coats and long sleeves of winter mean you can get away with a variety of appearance faux pas, but warmer weather means showing more skin. You don’t have to spend a fortune getting rid of every last trace of body hair, but every woman appreciates a man who pays some attention to his grooming. More

Male Waxing 101: Tips and Tricks

Male hair removal is a perennial favorite of late-night comics and fraternity boy hijinx. Almost everyone has watched a man scream in pain while getting his chest waxed on a comedy show. But beauty standards for men are steadily changing, and many women now expect their mates to spend just as much energy maintaining their bodies as women do. Waxing doesn’t have to be a traumatic, painful experience, and with the right product, you may even find that waxing is a much better experience than shaving.  More