DIY brazilian bikini wax at home

DIY Brazilian bikini wax?!

Now, we know what you may be thinking… but giving yourself a Brazilian Bikini wax at home is not as difficult or painful as it may seem.  It’s all about the technique…

1.  Buy a high quality hair removal wax kit

The first thing that must happen is your purchase of a quality hair removal wax kit. Make sure that your wax is water soluble and preferably all natural, since waxing on the skin “down there” is completely different than waxing anywhere else on the body.  Your skin down there is much more sensitive than the skin anywhere else.  Not to mention, most people have the coarsest and densest patches of hair..down there.  If you use a hair removal wax that is not water soluble and all natural, you will most likely end up with a sticky, irritated, and painful mess down there.  Non-water soluble wax kits require a special oil to removal the wax residue that is left on your skin post-waxing, and when this oil is placed over a tender, just waxed area it will actually cause more irritation and burning.  Think about it…the skin around your genital area is gentle, like a baby.  If you are using products that cannot be removed with water (water soluble), just imagine how harsh that product is when used on your delicate bikini skin.  Unnatural, non-water soluble waxes will not only pull out your bikini hairs, but will also remove a layer of delicate bikini skin and can cause bleeding and bruising.  That’s the truth, and trust us, it ain’t pretty.

2. Cut full length wax-strips in half

When you give yourself a Brazilian bikini wax, you will want to work in small sections – sections of about 2″ at a time. Cutting your wax-strips in half will help make the whole process of working small sections at a time a bit easier.

3. Clean the area and use talcum powder

Any area that you plan on waxing should be clean and dry.  For best results, use a talcum powder after to cleansing your skin and prior to any waxing procedure.  Talcum powder helps remove any excess sweat or lotions that are on your skin.  Any moisture on the skin can prevent the wax from doing its job.  Using talcum powder also helps prevent the wax from sticking to your skin.

4. Place a mirror between your legs so that you can see what you are waxing!

In order to give yourself a bikini wax, you must be able to see the areas that you are waxing, or else you may end up hurting yourself.  Having a mirror between your legs will let you see exactly what you are doing.

5. Begin with the top most accessible areas and work your way down towards your behind

When waxing, you  always want to apply the wax in the same direction as the hair grows – and that goes for your bikini area as well.  After applying a very thin layer of wax in the same direction as hair growth, place the strip over the area and smooth down the strip about 3 times to make sure the wax is fully adhered.  With one hand, stretch  your skin very taut.  With the other hand, pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth on one very quick and fast motion.

6. Some areas may be easier and less painful to wax than others

Some areas of your bikini may be easier and less painful to wax than others.  When you pull the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth, always remember to breathe out deeply.  breathing will help you relax and will ease the pain.  If any one area becomes too red, you should stop and them continue when the redness subsides.  Do NOT wax the same one area over and over again – this can cause redness and burning. The maximum about of times recommended to wax the same patch is 2 times.  More than twice and you may need to place an ice pack between your legs! Keep working until most of the hair is removed.  Because the bikini area is very sensitive, it may take more than one session to complete the DIY Brazilian bikini wax.

7. Cool down with a cool shower

Now that you have completed your DIY Bikini Wax, you should jump into a nice cool shower, relax – and wash off the remaining wax residue.  Do not scrub the bikini area for at least 24 hours since the skin may still be sensitive.



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