Hard Wax for Hair Removal: Dos and Don’ts

hard wax hair removal

Afraid to try hard wax? You’re not alone. Endless years of beauty gimmicks have left many of us worried about trying new products—especially those that promise to remove unwanted hair. But hard wax is the Cadillac of the hair removal world, boasting super-fast removal, incredible results, and minimal skin irritation. Before you break out the hard wax, make sure you’re using BodyHonee’s all-natural products. Then follow these dos and don’ts for hard wax.


  • Wait till your hair is at least a quarter inch long, since this makes it easier for the wax to grab the hair.
  • Take good care of your skin, using a daily moisturizer containing sunscren, and exfoliating before you wax.
  • Consider applying baby powder before you wax. It absorbs excess moisture, resulting in a smoother wax job.
  • Test the wax on an inconspicuous location before covering a large area of your body with it.
  • Talk to your doctor if you have any skin or medical conditions that hair removal can exacerbate.
  • Apply wax in the direction of hair growth, since this makes it easier to get every last stray strand.
  • Put a bit of pressure on your skin immediately after waxing. This alleviates pain and helps reduce irritation. A warm compress can feel especially good.
  • Apply an even coat of wax to your skin. Don’t try to stretch the product further than it’s designed to go by applying little blobs all over; you’ll end up with irritated, stubbly skin.
  • Remove any remaining stray hairs with tweezers. This ensures these strays grow back at about the same rate as the hair you waxed into oblivion.



  • Wax the same area multiple times in a single waxing session. Even the best waxes will irritate your skin if they’re applied over and over.
  • Remove hair from broken, irritated, or injured skin.
  • Shave in between wax jobs. This only prolongs the wait for stubble to get long enough to wax, and will irritate your skin over time.
  • Ignore the wax instructions. Whether you use BodyHonee or another product, overheating wax, using dry wax, or otherwise discarding the directions can land you in a serious mess.
  • Use different brands, or different types of waxes. When waxes mix together, they can irritate your skin, and you may end up with a mess on top of the irritation.


BodyHonee makes waxing easy, less painful, and more environmentally friendly. Check out our full line of body-friendly, skin-loving, environmentally-conscious products by following this link.


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