In a Hurry? How to Speed Up Your Hair Removal Routine

hair removal wax strips

Let’s face it: while most of us love the results of a good wax job, few people look forward to their daily, weekly, or monthly beauty rituals. If you’d rather be doing just about anything other than removing unwanted hair, you’re in good company. At BodyHonee, we think hair removal should be a small part of a full, busy, fulfilling life—not something that wastes endless hours of your precious time. To get rid of unsightly hair in a matter of seconds, follow these can’t-miss tips.

Take Care of Your Skin

We know you might be hoping for a magic gimmick you’ve never heard of before, but the truth is that when it comes to skin care, there are no quick fixes. You can greatly expedite the speed at which you remove hair by simply taking care of your skin. Well-exfoliated skin won’t cling to the hair you’re trying to remove, and it’s less likely to break out in nasty bumps and irritation. Want your skin to stand up to the pulling and tugging of a waxing session? Then keeping it protected with a layer of moisture is a must! Invest in a good moisturizer, and use it daily…but never apply it before waxing, only after.

Use Wax Strips

We pride ourselves on products that prioritize good results over speed, but we also know that there are those of us who don’t want to spend time laying down the right amount of wax, hunting for strips, and then wondering if the wax has had too much time to dry. Our wax strips make the entire process seamless. A complete kit all in one, these strips are ready to go as soon as you are. Learn more about them here.

Wax Hair When It’s Long

Waxing can remove hair for several weeks, but when stubble finally rears its ugly head, it grows surprisingly quickly. We know you’re probably itching to get rid of stubble from the moment it makes its first appearance. But the rush to banish stubble can actually cost you time. Wax doesn’t stick as well to shorter hair, which often means you have to wax twice. Instead, wait until your stubble is a quarter of an inch long before breaking out the wax. The good news is that this length is still super-short, which means that no one will notice your stubble but you.

For more details on BodyHonee’s complete line of hair removal products, or to purchase the perfect waxing kit for your needs, click here.

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